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    Birthday Weekending.

    I cannot believe that 2 years ago, right before my birthday rolled in, I was in delivery mode with LB. Where the time goes after these little humans are born is absolutely beyond me! Haha. And, at that time, being so busy having said human & watching my life completely change, I never thought about how much fun was going to lay ahead when it came to birthday celebrations!

    Over the last 2 years, we’ve seriously embraced the 48 hours of partying that comes with LB & my birthdays! Any excuse to eat cake and act like a fool for multiple days in a row is good with me 💁🏻


    Amir kicked off the fun with the surprise of working from home! I love when we get to be at home together just doing what we each want/need to. Later in the afternoon, our friends got in from Germany and we spent the rest of the day hanging out and catching up together before hitting up one of our favorite spots for dinner. If you live in Amsterdam, I highly recommend checking out Bazar for the best Turkish food ever! Seriously, so freakin’ good.

    Bazar Amsterdam Birthday Weekending


    Amir and our friend, Robert, hopped out in the morning to pick up a ton of goodies from Sofia & my favorite French Bakery — Le Fournil. With flaky croissants, pain au chocolates, and scrambled egg filled bellies, we finally got our act together enough to get out of the house and go to the Artis Zoo!

    The last time we’d gone there was the week before Sofia was born, so it was high time to make another trip. And it totally helps that LB is a little older and was able to actually enjoy seeing all the animals while running around!

    Artis Zoo Family Pic Birthday WeekendingArtis Zoo Birthday Weekending

    We had made plans to have a staycation for our birthday weekend, which perfectly coincided with Amsterdam’s Hotel Nacht (i.e. hotel night). We chose the DoubleTree to stay at and y’all, WHAT A FREAKIN’ FANTASTIC CHOICE.

    We were greeted with warm chocolate chip cookies (not only my absolute favorite, but also the main reason I wanted to stay at DT anyways, haha) and were then treated to a suite because we had Sofia with us! And because they noted it was our birthday weekend, we got upgraded to complimentary breakfast AND the executive lounge access 💯. HOLLA.

    Thanks Amir for setting up such a baller birthday staycation and thanks DT for helping spoil us! It was spectacular!

    DoubleTree Amsterdam Birthday WeekendingDoubleTree Hilton Amsterdam Birthday Weekending


    My birthday kicked off with a yummy breakfast and taking it slow at the hotel. We strolled out for a little while and met back up with our friends after a few hours. With the weather being cold yet pretty, we spent the rest of the day walking through the city & showing our visitors some of our favorite spots!

    By the end of the night, our day of being out had everyone so worn out, we ended up ordering in food and being lazy until everyone finally slumped off to bed.

    So there it is, y’all. LB and I rang in 2 & 31 with much ado and we loved it all! Cheers to another year of health and happiness! 

    31st Birthday Weekending

    Birthday Weekending Family

    Amsterdam Birthday Weekending

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